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Your Office Chair Height Is Appropriate
Jul 04, 2016

Eye level: close your eyes and slowly opened his eyes, eye should fall on the computer monitor. If the monitor too high or too low, adjust accordingly needs to be done to reduce neck muscle strain.

Thighs: If you can check the fingers at the bottom of the thigh, sliding freely, the former Chairman. If the space is too tight, you need to add an active shelf feet of thigh. If a refers to the width of your thighs and the front of the Chair, and then increase the height of the Chair.

Shank: hips back into the Chair, you can try a clenched fist through the leg in front of the space between the chairs. Easily if you do not, so the Chair is too deep, need to put the seat back pad a cushion or in a Chair.

Back: when you feel tired, do not squeeze in his chair, it will be an extra pressure on the anchor and disc. Hips behind the Chair, best back cushions can be slightly bent, so tired, the body will not squeeze, can reduce the burden back to the lowest.