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You Know Too Little About Home Wood7
Nov 10, 2017

Even the best wood, but also need proper maintenance, especially the price is not cheap solid wood furniture, in the event of a fatal crack, its value will plummeted, can not help but feel bad.

Timber cracking, the main sub-surface crack, internal crack, cracked and split wheel four.

Wood shrinkage swelling characteristics. The main reason for the cracking of wood is that the early moisture content is too high. During the later water evaporation, the water inside the wood evaporates unevenly, resulting in cracks in the parts where the stress in the wood is uneven and too dry.

In fact, the most fundamental reason is that the internal moisture content of wood is too high.

The low moisture content of wood, the stability is better than the high moisture content of wood is better, so out of furniture, is very stable.

Of course, the more dry wood, the higher the process requirements, the higher the cost, of course.

Ideal and economical wood moisture content, about 8%.

Therefore, the most direct way to solve the furniture wood crack, the first is to pay attention to the degree of drying when buying, if the economic capacity is limited, you can buy in advance to find a cool dry place for storage.

In the current winter season, because of the cold and dry winter climate, people often adopt indoor heating measures to increase the indoor air dryness, which in turn causes hard-to-repair cracking due to severe water shortage.