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You Know Too Little About Home Wood6
Nov 10, 2017

Source of paint:

Lacquer in our country has a long history, as early as the Neolithic, people discovered the lacquer tree, which discovered the value of the lacquer tree.

Cut the tree bark, you can get a large paint, lacquer, also known as the country lacquer, lacquer, soil paint, wood lacquer, ancient people widely used natural materials. In addition to its waterproof, pest control, sterilization, anti-corrosion features, but also acid resistance, resistant to moisture.

Later, people used more readily available cooked tung oil mixed with the paint, and thus get the paint.

Today, we want to talk about the wood lacquer, according to the nature of the points can be divided into oily paint and water-based paint.

For a long time, oily paint has been used in our daily life, but in the past two years, the sudden rise of water-based paint, intended to replace the oily paint, even the government to force furniture companies to implement, or can only be eliminated.

Of course, this is for a reason.

Compared with the oil paint, the biggest advantage of water-based paint is VOC (Volatile Organic Compound) emissions greatly reduced, with environmental pollution, high leveling, good appearance, more polished, anti-aging and yellowing resistance and so on.

However, on the other hand, water-based paints are also highly conductive, highly corrosive, and require particularly high construction requirements.

Due to the current domestic water-based paint market is not yet fully mature, want to fully develop and be accepted by the public, may also need a very long process.