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You Know Too Little About Home Wood5
Nov 10, 2017


Higher grade, quality and hard, wear-resistant, corrosion-resistant, difficult to dry, sawing and cutting, not bearing weight. The surface of the touch has a textured surface.

Commonly used in decorating materials, furniture, sports equipment, etc., can also be used to store red wine.


Is a national two protected plants, very precious. Wood hard, durable, corrosion-resistant, special fragrance, can avoid moth-eaten. There are gold Phoebe, fragrant Nan, Nan Kui these three categories. It is precious material for construction and furniture.

Hualian pear

Solid wood, beautiful patterns, when sawing fragrant, rhino horn texture. Very precious.

Not deformed, no cracking, no bending, a certain degree of toughness, can produce all kinds of special-shaped furniture.

Huanghua pear, Hainan pear more than the price of Vietnam pear much higher.