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You Know Too Little About Home Wood3
Nov 10, 2017

  Nearly 800 commercial timber species commonly used in the production of our country are classified as 241 commodity timber products, and these 241 timber products are classified into first class and second class according to the material quality and quantity, , Three types of materials, four types of materials, five types of materials.

A class of materials: Korean pine, cypress, yew, camphor, Phoebe, wipe wood, grid wood, hard yellow sandalwood, fragrant mahogany, palmetto boxwood, red green just, pecan, walnut, beech, Incense pile, Ash, Catalpa wood, iron wood rosewood.

Second class materials: Douglas fir, fir, Fujian cypress, alder, poplar pull, pear, alder, Fagus, Quercus, alpine mulberry, jujube, Huang Polo, ash.

Three types of materials: larch, spruce, pine, hemlock, iron knife wood, Bauhinia, soft yellow sandalwood, locust tree, birch, chestnut, Schima superba, maple. Four kinds of materials Liquidambar, Alder, Hackberry, Tan, Silver Birch, Eucalyptus, White Eucalyptus, Paulownia. Five kinds of materials Alder, poplar, Maple, light wood, Huang Tong, Holly, Wu persimmon large.

Next, the woodworking knife Alliance Xiaobian selected several kinds of wood, a detailed analysis of ~