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Wooden Chair Should Be Placed Flat
Aug 16, 2017

Wooden Chair Should be placed flat

1, before using the whole structure to check whether the loose, if the structure is loose, please tighten the structure connected fasteners, do not arbitrarily break down and transform parts.

2, placed, should be placed flat, so that dinette and chairs are often in an unstable state and make the structure loose, cabinet furniture do not hinder the indoor socket, switches, lamps and other furniture use, and leave the wall 5-10CM to maintain Ventilation, should not be placed in a very wet place, so as not to wet the furniture wet, long rot.

3, please keep the room with a certain temperature and humidity. In the dry environment should take the humidification measures, to avoid direct sunlight and avoid high temperature dry place.

4, do not use heavy objects to knock on the surface of furniture, or cut the surface of the furniture, so as not to damage the surface.

5, mobile furniture, you must both lift at the same time, light lift light, do not hard pull hard pull, cross or move, do not move the whole, light removal after handling.

6, regularly with a clean semi-wet soft cotton cloth along the wood texture for the furniture dust, dust should be sprayed on the soft cloth before the cleaning agent.

7, the restaurant furniture, please use the pad in the hot plate, please do not use alkaline or water wash furniture or furniture in the surface of the high concentration of alcohol, banana water and other liquids,

8, too heavy items should not be directly on the desktop or table edge, resulting in furniture center of gravity instability or dumping, and even broken legs!

Uncover the mystery of solid wood furniture to teach you to pick out good furniture

(1), verify the solid wood to determine whether it is a mystery of solid wood furniture is: wood and knots. Such as a door, the appearance looks like a pattern, then correspond to the pattern of change in the location of the door in front of the corresponding pattern, if the corresponding is a solid wood cabinet door is very good. In addition to see the scar is a good way to identify solid wood: optimistic about the location of a scar, and then on the other side to find whether the corresponding pattern.

(2), to determine the tree species which is a direct impact on price and quality factors. Ordinary solid wood furniture is usually used beech, white oak, ash, elm, catalpa wood, rubber wood, oak, and expensive mahogany furniture mainly rosewood, chicken wing wood, rosewood. Now the price of wood is rising, too cheap is absolutely fraudulent.