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What Chairs To Sit Out A Healthy Posture
Jul 04, 2016

Soft Chair is also very important, knowledge of Anatomy and physiology of the human body tells us, when sitting, the human lumbar load larger than when standing, spine and pelvis should be vertical, the vertical fixation position by the muscles on either side of the spine to maintain. If the location of the spine and pelvis long offset, this system will produce deviation of the force, thus prone to muscle spasms in the back, and even musculoskeletal injuries, over time, users will feel back pain.

Too soft Chair easy to use music from the body, muscles and bones is not, leading to low back pain. In such cases, users should consider replacing the Chair, to choose a hard Chair, who continue to use the original Chair, hips back as far as possible when you sit down, get back closer to the back of the Chair, rather than suspended, but could also consider adding a cushion to his waist, as a support.

Good of seat design should makes using who upper body of gravity fell in hip of bones Shang, to people of seat (ischial knot node) benchmark points for associate set seat of height, usually for, seat of height for 39cm~42cm Zhijian, because seat of height if below 39cm, using who of knee on will arch up, to led to does not apply sense of produced; Dang seat of height is greater than 50cm Shi, using who sat down Hou, body pressure will dispersed to thigh part, makes using who of thigh inside by pressure, Serious can cause leg swelling.