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Story-Yale University's Two Tables3
Nov 02, 2017

  Interestingly, there is another table on the Yale University campus, although it has nothing to do with Chinese culture, but also aroused my strong interest. It is an ordinary square wooden dining table, placed in a pizza century shop. It is incredible that the scars on the desktop, all with a knife knife engraved with the text, engraved with a variety of symbols and patterns.

  The original, Yale University school philosophy, has always been to promote students to sing their personality, and to cultivate their independent thinking and the spirit of innovation. Savile restaurant owners take care of this, they are ingenuity, to allow and encourage students to indiscriminate graffiti on the table, that is to make the future celebrities, the great people in this young and informal, wreckage of the mark. It is said that this trick is also true spirit, this pizza shop not only business booming, but also become a famous campus attractions. A table engraved, they will be treasured, put on another one, this one another table, it became a cultural relics, as this century-old family of treasurer treasure.

  After all, from Yale University campus to go out, so far, there are five US presidents, more than 20 Nobel Prize winners ... ...