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Story-Yale University's Two Tables1
Nov 02, 2017

  President Hu Jintao was invited to speak at Yale University when he visited the city of New Haven. "Yale University is famous for its long history of development, unique school style, outstanding academic achievement, and if I can go back for decades, I wish to be one of you," he said enthusiastically. "Suddenly, applause as the tide generally swept the whole hall.

 I saw this wonderful shot on television, because it brought back a good memory of Yale University a few years ago, especially the two tables, two unforgettable tables for life.

  As we all know, Yale University and China's exchanges, can be described as a long history. Not to mention China's first student Yung Wing, the first railway designer Zhan Tianyou are the school graduates, and do not say today in the school coaching and study of Chinese up to more than 600 people, said the campus Side of the restaurant, Bush daughter at school every night to have to patronize the Japanese restaurant, the boss is "Ala Shanghai." But I never imagined that the door of the East Asian Library that famous stone works of art, placed on the lawn of the "girls table", but also from the hands of Chinese female designers. Her name is Lin Ying, native of Fuzhou, is a famous female writer Lin Huiyin's niece. Perhaps in Fuzhou, few people know her, but in the United States, she is a well-known talented woman, then, Washington City to the world to collect the design of the Vietnam War monument, in 1421 candidates, the last one won the first prize Is her work. At that time, she was only 21 years old.