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Square Table And Round Table
Nov 01, 2017

Many restaurants in Hamburg, Germany, are divided into halls and private rooms. Room charges are higher and lobby charges are cheap. The lobby table has round tables and square tables. Oddly, even if you point the same dish, people who use round tables have to pay more than one person for a square table.

Why should the round table receive more than 1 euro? Not because the Germans and round tables have hatred, nor is the cashier careless account, which is intentionally. Because the square table can be put together with each other, if you encounter the peak meal, to restaurants a lot of people, square table together, the waiter to take care of the guests more easily, running the road naturally less, the quality of service will increase, This indirectly saves manpower costs. On the other hand, if the guests do not involve some of the privacy of the topic, next to the guests to hear the table is no harm, we get together, increase the exchange opportunities, perhaps strangers will become friends from here.

Of course, if it is falling in love with the couple, or have a private topic to talk about, guests can choose a private room or round table, so there is their own private space, but the price is symbolic 1 euro.

That insignificant 1 euro, encourage people to "fight" together, make friends with each other, whether it is for the individual or the hotel are of great benefit.