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Round Stool The Source Of The Form
May 19, 2017

 Round Stool Round stool, also known as circular machine, no back. The practice is similar to the general square stool, has accounted for the majority of the waist. Generally made of sophisticated, made of good wood made, but also useful for the production of coarse wood, but not common. The legs of the legs are square feet and round foot two kinds of square feet to make more than the inside of the horseshoe, Luo Chao account or paste to the mud and other styles, stool, cross, etc. are also used side, Round the foot of the round with the potential, edge edge, pillar to the teeth, etc. are seeking round smooth flow.

   Round Stool Classical stool, shape from the Wei and Jin dynasties of the development of the stool, modeling is perfect, to the late Ming and early Qing Dynasty to form the four major shapes, drums, pen-shaped, curved foot-shaped, monostolic, shape more perfect, shape More mature. Round stool is a round of the potential, edge edge, the column to the flower teeth are rounded smooth. Round stool surface has round, Begonia type, plum style. Stool surface drawn from the use of natural patterns of marble, porcelain plate painted blue and white, painted, there are gall wood production, material variety, shape fusion modeling style, colorful. Modeling with waist and no waist, with a pile of mud and muddy mud with the points.

   Round Stool Ming Dynasty round stool volume and from top to bottom of the curvature of the larger, slightly more solid shape, three feet, four feet, five feet or even more foot have, generally have waist, stool surface round, Begonia Or plum blossom and so on. Qing Dynasty bench more tall, no waist round stool are used for the top of the legs for the birch, direct support stool practice. There are lumbar round stool is mainly by the waist and tooth plate support stool surface. The swing of the Republic of China tends to be low.

  Round Stool You can not prepare a full set of mahogany furniture, but indispensable five legs of the stool, home embellishment life, as the town house treasure. The stool is not a general sense of the stool, like a work of art can play, you can seduce the eyes of God, can be used as a family heirloom, inheritance from generation to generation.