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Plastic Chair Plastic Stool Improvements
Jun 23, 2017

Plastic Chair Plastic stool improvements

"Plastic stool improvements" are now used in many places where plastic stools are commonly used (Note: The plastic stools mentioned here are made of non-folded, made of waste, but made of ordinary plastic) because it is Cheap, handling more convenient, received a lot of welcome, such as street snacks, tutorial classes, but its general life will not be more than a year, the use of more frequently there will be some parts of the wear and tear at the junction, even for the Surface cracks, almost a year to change generation. The design and improvement of the stool is often referred to the topic, where the individual published his humble opinion.

Now, for the treatment of these stools, nothing to do with the wire and plastic tape to fill it, and it is difficult to use it is sold to the waste recycling station, although people still come up with a four-foot connection , When we know that many consumers or users will step on the foot, the past a forced to cut off, and now the solution to this problem, but you think, some tables are very short, More than the table, it is the image, but also a bit like the kind of cylindrical stool before, did not give people beauty, but we can not just look at its visual, we should pay attention to its practicality, here, I just want to say , I have another way to improve it is to use its both ends of the contact area with the foot, and then, for its middle part of a slight thickening, while in the production of a little outward, so you can set aside a Large support surface, reduce the pressure on the foot. Because we know that people will be on the top of the general will be placed in the middle, and no one will dance in the above, will use so much effort to cut off it, so that the life of the stool has a certain protective effect.

Secondly, we do not use the stool when they are stacked together, and then may be out when the point is difficult to pull, I think, may be for the friction of the problem, and with ordinary stool done observation and experiment, that can be in the stool surface The back and the top of the four feet with a layer of material to achieve the role of cushioning and reducing friction, after discussion with the students, I think we can consider the use of sponge, because it can be used for waste sponge can also make the stool more So that you can take the old newspaper instead. Then, for the crushing of the stool surface, I think more physically, we can reduce the pressure by increasing the area of the four corners, that is, the contact area with the support surface. Of course, let a large body to sit up, I am afraid that could not stand the. Increase the four corners of the program, by browsing the information on the Internet, I think you can thicken the top and can, because after friction, will wear off some parts, it is best to use plastic shoes in the bottom to form a solidified coagulation, , Very strong. For the transformation here, some people use other substances to bottom, then, we still have their own ideas. The stool surface, according to the contours of the human body can be bent properly, after all, for businesses, improve the place can not be too expensive, affecting the coordination of price and cost. Slightly concave, you can make the user a certain degree of comfort, but also effective control of the stool surface damage. According to the mathematics, you can form two triangular inverted shapes on the back of the stool surface, because the triangle has a stability, and according to the nature of the triangular circumscribed circle, the center of the hole just in the stool when the hole, You can also pad a newspaper here to facilitate the extraction. It will not let hand pain.

 Summed up the transformation of this thing, it is difficult to carry out, the plastic is extracted from the oil, very limited, and the stool is only ordinary, the rules of the four feet. In the above do a lot of articles may be very difficult, then, want to let us save the real resources to implement, we should have a good classification of plastic products, degradation, and then use the process. After all, oil is not renewable resources, and eventually will be exhausted, we do not think that shabby is disgraceful thing should be broken inside there are many babies. Plastic is a good thing, the key is how to use it.