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Plastic Chair How To Maintain
Jul 21, 2017

Plastic Chair How to maintain

With the improvement of people's living standards, leisure and entertainment is more and more way, the use of plastic beach tables and chairs is more and more widely, then how to maintain plastic tables and chairs? Xiaobian told you the following three points: 1. Avoid the hot soup or hot water with the tableware, cups placed directly on the table, but should be separated from the insulation pad and desktop.

2. Glass table white scale removal is very simple, just need to pour some oil, you can erase.

3. The color of the wooden dinette can be used to do with the dye in the scraping color to do the action, and other dyes dry, and then even the upper layer of light wax.

The above is about the maintenance of plastic tables and chairs precautions, I hope to help you. In general, plastic tables and chairs in a wide range of production areas of the use of plastic tables and chairs for disinfection, you can use high temperature sterilization, disinfection of water or washing and other methods. 1. Use a towel to place the cleaning agent evenly on the tables and chairs.

2. Some of the handle and water chestnut and other parts of the clean, and then clean the cleaning agent from the inside to wipe, plastic parts and chairs to be part of the clean,

3. Wash the plastic tables and chairs with water three times, then soaked in water, so repeated several times after, and then wipe clean on the line,

4. The last step is disinfection, so the work of plastic tables and chairs disinfection work is completed.

Plastic tables and chairs in a wide range of production areas in the production of health and safety requirements of strict production enterprises, such as pharmaceutical production enterprises, food processing enterprises, fruit processing enterprises and so on. These enterprises in the production process, the use of plastic tables and chairs in life can not avoid its disinfection, in order to prevent certain bacteria through the tables and chairs into the human body. How do we judge the quality of the plastic tables and chairs when we buy? Plastic tables and chairs have a lot of material, the following together to see it! 1. Is there a production license?

2. Plastic tables and chairs product raw materials, whether it is a new raw materials;

3. Whether the performance indicators of plastic tables and chairs are up to standard;

4. According to their own needs to choose to buy

Plastic products are full of life around us, such as plastic tables and chairs, for our lives bring a lot of benefits, then you know the charm of plastic tables and chairs difficult to block it?

Plastic tables and chairs

1, light weight, can be stacked together, occupy a small space, easy handling, whether it is transport or use are very easy;

2, plasticity, can be made into a variety of shapes, and, plastic color is very diverse, with a high degree of beauty;

3, not afraid of water, grease, etc., the surface is smooth, easy to clean;

4, the strength is relatively high, mainly due to the fine plastic production process, making tables and chairs have a certain tolerance, very durable;

5, widely used in the catering industry, service industry, leisure and entertainment and other aspects of the application of more light, beautiful.C