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Outdoor Chair The Details Of The Introduction
May 19, 2017

 Outdoor Chair Outdoor chairs for outdoor parking for a product, used for parks, residential, large playground, shopping plaza and other public places, with the development of the times, outdoor chairs have entered the majority of small and medium cities, a beautiful city landscape , For people to bring convenience, make the environment more harmonious.

  Outdoor Chair There are many types of outdoor chairs:

A steel foot, made of steel or steel pipe stamping bending, such a chair has a high degree of plasticity, style changeable, simple and modern shape, the surface of the steel surface after pickling phosphating spray, the appearance of quality And anti-corrosion anti-rust ability has improved.

B. Cast iron feet, mostly gray cast iron manufacturing, there are some malleable cast iron (white cast iron upgrade products), stable and generous, durable, style and more for the European, and now has been integrated into modern elements. Products are more fashionable, the most commonly used for such products, outdoor use anti-corrosion anti-rust ability is very strong.

C. Cast aluminum feet, the use of precision casting and permanent casting process, the product is exquisite and delicate, both cast iron feet stable, but also has a steel foot light and simple, but because the price is too high, public places rarely see it The trace.

D. Marble feet, special chair legs, bulky, made of marble or granite (granite) processed, resistant to weathering, corrosion resistance, suitable for outdoor perennial use.

  Outdoor Chair Wooden chair

1. The specifications of the logs into the chair, drying (natural drying or steam drying), and then a series of late processes to ensure the formation of the chair can only be painted.

2. Paint treatment: the wood sprayed several times after the primer polished, remove the wood surface burr, and then paint the spray.

Plastic chair

1. Mix with PE PP PS plus wood flour.

2. Put the powder into the wood-plastic extrusion equipment, heat, heat, shape, and then processed into the size of the chair.

Other chairs

1. Antiseptic wood, wood after a special anti-corrosion treatment, with anti-rotten, anti-termite, anti-fungal effect. According to the different anti-corrosion effect will be different.

2. Carbonized wood, also known as heat treatment wood, wood is the effective nutritional content of carbonization, in fact, the earliest carbonized wood is the bottom of the wood poles processing technology, I believe we all understand.