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Outdoor Chair Synthetic Polymer Compounds
Aug 04, 2017

Outdoor Chair Synthetic polymer compounds

Outdoor chairs of plastic for the synthesis of polymer compounds, but also known as macromolecules or macromolecules, is also commonly known as plastic, can be free to change the body style, is the use of monomer raw materials to synthesis or condensation reaction polymerization of materials, By the synthetic resin and filler, plasticizers, stabilizers, lubricants, colorants and other additives. General outdoor chairs are white, because at the beach, the sea is blue, so the outdoor chair made of white is very match, and gives a comfortable feeling.

If in the summer, we and friends together around the outdoor table, eat barbecue, drink the feeling of beer is also very good. Outdoor chairs are simple in construction, easy to use, transport and handling are very convenient, especially when going outdoors barbecue, the use of plastic tables and chairs can bring us more convenience, and plastic tables and chairs when stored do not need to take Very large space, so the use of outdoor is very wide. Outdoor chairs used by the plastic material and grease is not easy to merge, the use of plastic tables and chairs even stained with grease, cleaning is also very convenient to use a simple cleaning agent cleaning just fine.

Note that the outdoor chair is made of polymer plastic compounds, it should not be used in long-term high temperature environment, but also need to prevent the impact of hard objects. Fully open folding tables and chairs can be folded into suitcases in 1 minute, open faster, do not have 1 minute time a table four stools in front of you, and light weight. In the middle of the desktop can be inserted sun umbrella, sun umbrella can be cut in half, into a bag inside, and with a strap, back on the shoulder without effort. Folding picnic feet are made of rugged aluminum alloy square tube, can withstand a larger weight, the whole structure of the picnic table is designed in accordance with the principle of mechanics, can use the most simple structure to bear the maximum weight.

Folding tables and chairs can also be widely used in outdoor promotion, outdoor picnic, traveling by car, lake fishing, outdoor barbecue, villa courtyard, balcony and so on all you need tables and chairs. The appearance of the outdoor chair is beautiful, comfortable to use, easy to use, simple and generous, easy to enjoy the natural scenery on the beach. Casual and comfortable beach chairs, bringing a cool sun umbrella, Qinru heart of the cold drinks, exciting music, beautiful etiquette outdoor beach chairs and leisure chairs is characterized by novel and unique, nice, in the summer, I believe a lot of friends have to go out to the shade, whether to the beach or the lake, always let the cool sea breeze to bring you the feeling of relief.

Lying on the beach chair, while basking in the sun, while listening to music or eyes closed, put aside all the troubles in life and work pressure, enjoy the warmth of the sun, is a wonderful thing.