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Office Chair Smart Fitness
Jul 04, 2016

1. hunching shoulders. Shoulder ties, connected to the entire body, but usually its not too many sports opportunities, shrug is also conducive to good health. You can be a shoulder-high, shoulders drooping or sagging shoulders while high or, one high and one low, one after the other or shoulders reverse movement.

2. the hand around the ring. Wafer hands against Palm Palms outward, then try to forward to the limits; pauses for a moment, then reverse hand Palm inward, returned to the chest. Repeat several times until arm acid.

3. neck. First up the neck and Chin after the, shoulders sagging, then restored to original position; then a shrunken neck movements, practices contrary to the stretched neck movement, which until some tension to the neck, this action can stimulate the thyroid and parathyroid glands, thyroid hormone secretion, and have a refreshing effect.

4. the first side. First prepared, then head to one side, stop for a moment, feel some aches, then to the other side, followed by cycle.

6. finger knees. Both knees into the number "7"-shaped side-by-side placement, hands clenched into fists, boxing's eyes between two knees, knees and squeeze two punches from both sides. Repeated several times until hands are sour.

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