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Office Chair Repair 7 Do Not
Jul 04, 2016

Some Office chairs is not good or not good is caused by a very small detail, home office use, over time, we must pay attention to detail the following 7 No, so that our office chair more durable.
1, do not wash or clean the plywood, furniture, don't soak in alkaline water to prevent plywood glue or come unglued.
2, do not use the embedded furniture after the original paint and furniture paint and PuTTY mix different wall cracks, so as not to leave scars.
3, do not place the Office Chair or in high concentrations of alcohol, bananas, water and boiling water, hot thing with soda water or boiled water, to prevent damage to the paint.
4, do not handle and drag, handle lift care; placement should be placed flat on the steady if uneven ground, leg pad to prevent damage to the Tenon.
5, not on top of the wardrobe and other Office chairs lead to avoid highlight Cabinet, cabinet door doesn't stay closed; clothing to avoid piling up too much, to avoid too much, in order to prevent deformation.
6, not Office chairs in the Sun, not too dry, prevent cracking and deformation of wood.
7, do not put the chairs in very damp places, so that wood swelling when wet, a long time easily rotten, the drawer won't pull out.