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Office Chair Office Chair Essential Conditions
Jul 06, 2017

Office Chair  Office chair essential conditions

First according to the nature of the work of the desk or table to adjust to the appropriate height. Because, different desk height on the seat of the placement of different requirements, and sometimes even need to change a seat. Once the height of the desk fixed, you can according to the various parts of the body to do "reference" to adjust the height of the seat, office chairs necessary conditions. The same time as the above-

 Line of sight height: close your eyes, and then slowly opened his eyes, line of sight should fall on the center of the computer monitor. If the monitor position is too high or too low, then you need to make the appropriate adjustments to reduce neck muscle strain.

  Elbow: Under the premise of comfortable sitting, the elbow from the table the better, to ensure that the upper arm parallel to the spine, the handle on the table surface (such as a laptop or keyboard), up and down to adjust the height of the seat to ensure that elbow Department at right angles. At the same time, adjust the height of the handrail makes the upper arm just a little mention at the shoulder. The same time as the above-

  Midfielder: do not feel tired in the chair shrink into a ball, this will increase the back of the waist and disc pressure. The hips close to the back, it is best to put a cushion so that the back can be slightly bent, so that fatigue, the body will not shrink into a group, and can reduce the burden of the back to a minimum. The same time as the above-

  Thigh: check whether the finger can be in the bottom of the thigh, the front of the chair free sliding. If the space is too tight, you need to add an adjustable footrest to support high thighs. If there is a width between your thigh and the front of the chair, then raise the height of the chair. The same time as the above-

 Legs: in the buttocks close to the back of the chair, try to clenched fist can not pass through the back of the calf and the front of the gap between the chair.

 In the purchase of a variety of home and office office chairs with the existence of a certain difference between the two compared to the office chair sitting position than the home to the front of the home than the office will generally be more than a handrail, because the work When no time to chat, then not many people will hand on the arm resting on the office series of computer chair practical significance is not. And the seat of the household computer chair is generally better than the office to be used, can be configured handrails.

  Office chair what brand is good, when the purchase recommended to sit and try, feel, adjust each component, all functions, according to different styles, office chair function will be divided into several kinds, such as the back of the regulation, , Front and rear depth adjustment, headrest adjustment and so on. The general function of the computer chair are many, the need to buy a scene to test, experience it. Especially on the buttocks sitting feeling, must be carefully to experience, whether flexible, soft comfort. There is also the length of service life of the office chair is closely related with the sponge material. Select the color to match with your desk style, coordination.

 According to the use of the purchase of computer chairs will be different, such as the meeting of the office chair generally choose the bow did not wheel, the work area staff generally choose the kind of small wheeled office chair, the general office of the general choice of the kind of network The layout of the more generous modern fashion style office chair, of course, then put here a generous sofa naturally the best, and these office chairs height, tilt and back width are very particular about the other, and other Not used for the bar of the computer chair, the height should not be too outrageous, but also have a regulatory function to adapt to different height groups.

 The reclining of the backrest This design allows the staff to enjoy the rest when they are tired. When purchasing a computer chair, be sure to check the structure of the computer chair is reasonable, because it will affect the life of the chair and the future need to repair the potential problems, to prevent the future in the computer chair maintenance spend too much energy, money. The quality of a computer chair is not only depends on the choice of material, even if there is the best material, the computer chair price is high, there is no rigorous structure, but also can not make high-quality computer chair.