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Office Chair Maintenance Method Of Did You Know
Jul 04, 2016

1, most stains small amount foam cleaner spray after about 10 seconds, fabric and leather cleaner. Use a clean soft cloth, do not use stain oil will cause fading and marks.
2, as long as gently or vacuum clean can, when coated with dust, sand or other dry dirt. Grains of sand, you can brush handy to brush, however, you cannot use a stiff brush so as not to hurt oil on canvas. If filled with soft drinks, juices and so on, can be used to clean the toilet paper towels absorb water and then wipe neutral detergent dissolved in warm water, then dry with a clean soft cloth and drying at low temperature.
3 arising out of dirt, if temporary, home for as long as the wipe gently with a clean, soft cloth. The ideal way of cleaning is to use warm water diluted neutral detergent (~3 estimated to cut 1) wipe, then wring out water rag to wipe cleaning solution, and finally polished with a dry cloth until dry and then using the right amount of leather care and attention was uniformly polished.
4, can be sprayed with a lubricant at axis contacts or springs. Tilting has a different tone.
5, the tilting tension adjusting knob to adjust the tightness of fit body, easy dumping. Not too loose, otherwise easily lead to dumping.