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Office Chair Functional Organization
Aug 29, 2017

Office Chair Functional organization

First of all, from the function of institutions can be divided into B, T, KG, TG, STG, KTG, BG, DTG, ATG, such as fixed inclined + pressure rod (leaning elevator + monolock) BG's basic chassis: : KG: take foot ring, a fixed plate + light steel + + elevator TG fixed chassis suspension (elevator) STG: stepless synchronous qing Yang mechanism + pressure rod (leaning elevator a + 5 simple locking STG T21MC. SN - 6835) for a single plate KTG: leaned forward agency + pressure rod (hex spring steel, leaning elevator + monolock, with two handles) DTG: two-stage leaning organization + pressure rod (T22A: seat tilt two parts) ATG: leaned forward, five sections synchronous phase lock. (T47N, KM9, conjoined plates)

A brief history of development agencies and their functional descriptions: in the beginning, it was just a prototype mechanism, with only a simple supporting body. With the development of technology and organization, the communication and development of the tilting mechanism (TG) has been developed from the original fixed chassis. TG is to tilt, rotation mechanism of the basic synchronization mechanism, basic synchronization in reclining function into revolving anchor, but because although it is in the middle of the seat, so as to tilt the thigh muscle easily oppressed, rather than an ideal body. The KTG mechanism is referred to as the knee - pitching cantilever mechanism. When the tilt is tilted, the anchor will move to the nearest person's knee, and thus the pressure of the tilt reduces the thigh muscle. However, as is the seat chair, leaning on the back of a chair back cushion synchronous Angle is fixed, the body's position is relatively fixed, and tilt the body can't get a groin stretch, in order to solve this problem, but also the research and development of STG. The group STG is a non-stage (usually a five-phase) synchronous tilt mechanism, known as synchronous tilt. The agency will be able to solve a good defect TG, KTG based organization, who through the mediation of some parts of the body of the sat can get a good stretch, tired of people solve the chair, sitting in my office. Some managers are dismissive of it and feel that an office chair is important. But if a company can't keep a chair comfortable, employees' health, especially spinal health, can be abandoned, and I think it's a disaster at all. For individuals, it is the process of self-accelerated depreciation.