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Office Chair Designing Ability
Sep 28, 2017

Office Chair Designing ability

At present, in the office chair on a question, please do the following:. Lack of scientific marketing strategy. Marketing issues, reflected in the marketing of other relationships, marketing, channel management, logistics, services, suppliers, lack of leadership science strategy long - term, stable.

Phenomenon one: many brands, market disorderly competition, local characteristics, and other features clear.

Phenomenon II: the production of low-end, the production of foreign companies base.

Phenomenon 3: design capacity is generally low, most of the plagiarism.

Poor product impact on the market environment: the phenomenon of four.

Phenomenon 5: chair is environmentally friendly and development is far from enough.

Many manufacturers are not mature to produce technology.

At present, only a small number of professional office chair manufacturers, have their own design, development and production capacity.

Ergonomic, quality, environmental protection, innovative materials such as use, and will urgently need to strengthen the domestic furniture A good office chair should meet the following criteria are consistent:

Must have a highly adjustable basic function and a flexible device that can be rotated 360 degrees.

The seat depth and the arc to be corrected are stretched vertically to maintain the leading edge of a chair and the width of the breathable fabric is chosen.

Backrest of the main body, nervous tired of support.

Curve body and waist size, waist design, to prevent the realization of the function of the arch waist.

The president must move with the subject, it can not limit the user, only one session.

Optional bottom area, claw safety pin.

The chair must be able to move freely, have a wheel with the best choice of wheels, the wheels are in accordance with the soft and hard material to choose different wheels on the ground.

The chair can hook the clothes or hinder the poor design work if you use a chair with a handrail and you need to choose the handrail surface to feel good for the material.

All the adjustment devices should be simple and easy to operate.

Should be designed to facilitate the installation of accessories such as handrails.