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Office Chair Design Points
Sep 21, 2017

Office Chair Design Points

The work of the office chair is for people to carry the necessary tools, but also can play a decorative home visual effects. Curve design of the office chair cushion and backrest main curve is consistent with the human physiological curve. At the rear there are two main design points that point: it is not coming back, so people will naturally keep upright posture to relieve back pressure, but this view is not very popular because people can not stand upright Stay in.

The second is generally felt the need to use the backrest. Now that people are usually not honestly sitting in a chair, they will show a variety of posture, back to give them a relaxed chair to relax, relax the opportunity, but actually depends on the fact that the back curve of the design chair is reasonable.

Really ergonomic office chair furniture design should pay attention to the details of the various parts of the chair, it often says that "mm" effect, it seems designers tend to be a few millimeters difference will be different seats bring comfort We can see that the value of the data is often between a range, and if coupled with the nature of the value of time in time, then the final design of the chair may have an unexpected degree, which is why the data selection and control master Will be the reason for excellence. Give the cortex of psychological feelings

As long as the different tactile texture factor texture and surface texture are produced. Cortex surface smooth, delicate, elegant touch decoration gives the psychological feelings, and soft touch of leather and warm intimate feeling. The mechanism is natural or man-made material itself, and the artificial tissue material is designed to characterize the surface texture of the material. Light leather surface, soft, delicate texture. It provides a simple and natural person's psychological feelings. Material, due to visual stimulation devices with different surface properties to produce visual differences. Cortical surface of the structure, forming a beautiful sense of texture, smooth feeling, gorgeous visual sense and other psychological feelings, and even feel. Giving people a psychological feeling

The surface of the fabric is rough and the touch gives people a simple, natural, comfortable, warm feeling. Cloth surface texture, there are many types, in general, the use of office swivel chair rough surface texture effect is often their rough, thick, soft, gives the natural feeling, the psychological simple. Feelings of the fabric and texture of the surface structure. The surface of the fabric forms a rough texture and sensory, elegant and visual psychological feel of the natural feel of the structure.