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Office Chair Cozy
Oct 13, 2017

Office Chair cozy

In a large number of furniture in a company, the chair is an indispensable part of the company because of the development of many policies, decision-making are carried out in large and small meetings, a good, comfortable chair, But also for the decision makers, users bring a good inspiration! The The Here, the furniture has more than 10 years of production and sales conference chair manufacturers, to tell you how to choose a good, the appropriate conference chair.

First of all, to clear the use of the chair area: is a large conference room or a small room to discuss? Is the use of the boss inside the office, or the reception room to use? Different use of the area, the choice of the chair will be different.

First of all, speak a large conference room, a certain size of the company at least one large conference room, used to open an important meeting of the company, this type of conference room frequency is not very high, but the number of participants is usually a lot of meeting chair demand Big, then, it is recommended that you choose simple shape, relatively fixed conference chair, to meet the "sitting" needs on it. Simple shape is to avoid the attention of the participants scattered, requiring more fixed (that is, can not slide) is to stabilize the scene of the meeting (such as bow chair), sliding chairs will affect the user near the people. And such a chair is usually cheaper, is to reduce the procurement budget is a good part.

And then talk about small meeting rooms or small meeting room, this meeting room for the ordinary meeting, the use of high frequency, is a group meeting, brainstorming a good place. It is recommended to choose a high degree of comfort, moving the chair, specifically, this part of the conference chair can choose a more expensive, if you can accept the best chair, if you can not accept the chair, you should choose a relatively light Mesh Conference Chair.

In addition to the size of the conference room need to consider, we have to consider the identity of the user, if the user is highly respected, older leadership, then the proposed choice of solid wood handrails, cortex fixed conference chair; if it is to 40 or so Send leadership to use, then you can be bold, choose some leather swivel; if it is to use the younger colleagues, you can choose the net quality swivel chair.

Finally, if it is used to the new staff training, it is recommended to use a fixed mesh chair, because once equipped with a swivel chair, will increase the chances of chatting adults, and the constraints of the fixed chair structure will give the trainees psychological The hints.

Office furniture marketing object is often the unit groups and institutions, so office furniture has always been the way sales marketing sales, but with the accelerated pace of modern life, as well as the inevitable trend of the information age, in the procurement or selection of office furniture products , Will certainly go to the network to understand the situation, and then consider the purchase from the cost-effective. Network is an important information window in people's life, coupled with the network has the characteristics of multimedia and interactive, making office furniture products can be multi-faceted, multi-angle display publicity, so the network means of propaganda will become the future of office furniture sales Main position.