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Office Chair Adjust The Height Of The Seat
Aug 16, 2017

Office Chair Adjust the height of the seat

In fact, whether it is fully closed or fully open, is not the ideal solution. "Office space is an interconnected and independent space, to meet people's physical, cognitive and psychological needs of the office. In addition, the future office will reach the smart office." May not far In the future, the seat can sense your body temperature and automatically control your temperature to a comfortable state, the meeting room can scan the face, identify your information and record. Office environment as a strategic tool for enterprises, by improving the staff's physical and mental health, work efficiency, degree of engagement and loyalty to the enterprise, to help enterprises to improve their competitiveness.

A person sitting in the office chair on the total length of up to 75,000 hours. There is no doubt that office chairs are quite important, and fortunately, more and more people are already aware of this. "There is a company's original budget is 8,000 yuan per employee to buy a desk, 2000 yuan to buy office chairs, and now turned into a 6,000 yuan to buy a desk, 4,000 yuan to buy office chairs." But the best for their own is the best So, how to find one of the most suitable for their office chair?

In addition to excellent comfort, support, we have to learn to adjust the height and depth of the seat. First of all to adjust the office chair to sit high. "The principle is when you sit down, heel calf was 90 degrees, between the calf and the thigh is 90 degrees." Lei Zhenyu said that this is because the pressure point. If the seat is too low, the pressure point in the back of the thigh knee, over time can easily lead to varicose veins; if the seat is too high, the pressure point in the ischial bone, the long run easily induced sciatica. Only to sit the standard, the pressure point evenly distributed throughout the thigh, the body is the most healthy. In addition, we have to adjust to sit deep, the standard sitting method is the thigh front vacant 2 to 4 refers to the distance. "The best posture of the body is not sitting straight, but the upper body with the thigh was 110 degrees angle.

The future office will be more private and intelligent survey shows that although the use of fully open design of the Chinese office (28%) higher than the global benchmark level (23%), but our office is still mainly by the open and closed space (accounting for 48%). People of different ages deal with interference in different ways. "'60 after 'want to stay in a closed office environment, '70 after' tend to choose L - type desk, '80 'after the external interference method is very simple: easy to wear headphones can focus on the work.