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Let's Talking About Chair Design.(1)
Nov 01, 2017

 In modern society, perhaps in addition to cars, the chair is designed to be the most thoughtful, was described by the most and most praised artifacts. The design of the chair involves the functions, modeling, materials, structure, technology, art and other elements, has a profound theoretical basis and a wide range of practical value, it is a national furniture design level of the best embodiment. The function of the chair is not only for people to rest, to provide seats, you can also put clothes and bags and the like. The chair is an indispensable furniture for human sitting activities. According to the practical nature, the chair includes a variety of forms, and because of the differences in materials and structures, it can form many different forms.

  Ming Dynasty furniture art features, you can use four words to sum up, that Jane, thick, refined, elegant. Jane refers to its shape Xilian, not cumbersome, not piling up, graceful. Thick is that it is rich in image, with Zhuang Mu, simple effect. Fine means that it is fine workmanship, line, twists and turns, rigorous and accurate, meticulous. Ya refers to its style Quya, it is patient, unconventional, with a high artistic style. In the production process, you can say that the furniture is close to perfect. But in the design concept, has not yet broken through the boundaries of the previous bed chair. The whole shape Founder honest, handrails and backs perfectly together, can be said to be a simplified "bed" or "collapse."

Second, the second half of the 18th century Europe and the United States wave

After the middle of the eighteenth century, people began to weary bureaucratic Baroque and Rococo, set off a new classical upsurge. This is a more rational way to try to avoid some unnecessary complicated decoration. Mainly from the ancient Greek and Roman and distant China to absorb nutrients, and began to use the textile fabric to increase the comfort of the cushion. Neoclassicism refers to the capitalism in the early emergence of a cultural trend in the history of architecture and design in the 1860s began in Europe and the United States in the classical form of popular. After the Roman Pompeii site was excavated, it was found that the quality of classical art was far superior to the pretense of Baroque and Rococo, and the design turned to a more rational form. Sherler (GeorgeSheraton, 1751-1806) was the new classical furniture master. His chair design focus on the decoration placed on the back of the above, change a lot, but the legs are very few curves decorated, showing a simple sense of structure.