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Hotel Chair Extend The Use Of Hotel Tables And Chairs
Nov 01, 2017

Hotel Chair Extend the use of hotel tables and chairs

Hotel tables and chairs manufacturers to remind the majority of users, in order to extend the life of the hotel tables and chairs, usually do the relevant maintenance is very necessary, then we will come together to understand the relevant knowledge.

First of all, it is forbidden to use the old cloth to wipe the hotel tables and chairs, the old cloth above will be a thread, which will cause the scaffolding of the surface of the hotel tables and chairs, so use towels, cotton products, absorbent cloth to wipe, Tables and chairs is the need to use a wet cloth wipe, dry cloth wipe clean the table and chairs surface will cause damage to the paint; then disable the soap and water and other cleaning agents, such products not only can not clean the surface dust, it is a certain corrosive, Will cause irreparable damage to the furniture surface.

The wrong approach will make the surface of the hotel tables and chairs bleak, if there is water into the material, then it is to make the hotel tables and chairs appear a certain moldy phenomenon, so be sure to pay attention to the relevant hotel tables and chairs maintenance knowledge The What kind of hotel tables and chairs make people more comfortable? Hotel furniture manufacturers from the perspective of human nature, through a scientific method of design, research and development of the most suitable for human use of the hotel tables and chairs, today we from another point of view, the choice of raw materials also related to product comfort.

For the hotel, the customer is comfortable to do so in order to retain customers, and can bring more customers, and thus the development of the hotel will be a higher level, so the hotel tables and chairs to pick the right wood, as far as possible Choose the appropriate timber; second attention to the design of the height, with the round table with just right, it is easier for people to get hungry experience. We are very concerned about the hotel table and chair manufacturers product life, which requires us to pay attention to the purchase of the relevant tips, the material variety, different materials of the hotel tables and chairs, the purchase of different points.

But no matter what the material of the product, we mainly concerned about the firmness, as a kind of furniture, of course, to consider its firmness, in the purchase can be forced to push the vertical, hand pressure, etc. to test the stability of the hotel tables and chairs ; Moreover, it is necessary to pay attention to the number of space and dining, choose the hotel tables and chairs, but also consider the size of the hotel space and the number of meals, so as to have a selective purchase, if the use of large area, you can choose with a heavy texture of the product, This can be matched with the space, and if the hotel area is small, the hotel table and chair manufacturers recommend the choice of folding or telescopic tables and chairs.

In addition, we also pay attention to color, and the hotel decoration style match the product, so that more in line with our use requirements, we will continue in the follow-up article to explain the relevant knowledge, hope to help you.