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Hotel Chair Development Trend
Oct 23, 2017

Hotel Chair development trend

Hotel chair is a kind of hotel chair. Hotel dining chair categories: hotel solid wood dining chair, hotel children's dining chair, hotel metal dining chair, hotel circle chair. Which hotel metal dining chair by material is divided into hotel aluminum dining chair, hotel steel dining chair.

Hotel chair material: arm and foot common materials are aluminum, stainless steel, iron, solid wood; seat for the steel or wood plus foam cotton. Product color: chair chair color and fabric can be customized according to the style of customer needs and choice. Seat: high density PU stereotypes sponge bag, density 55-60, thickness 60mm (adjustable soft, hardness)

Product Description: Solid wood dining chair is the theme of the material is made of solid wood frame, plus high density PU stereotypes made of sponge chair. Solid wood dining chair with a clear grain, it is thought of a sense of return to nature. The main body of metal dining chair selection of high quality aluminum or steel plus high density sponge, simple and smooth, elegant shape, cushion and back according to ergonomic design, comfortable and comfortable sitting; more in line with the hotel environment. With the development of the times, people's lifestyle changes, the development trend of hotel furniture design has changed greatly:

1. The characteristics of art furniture (ornamental furniture) in public areas.

The so-called art furniture refers to the kind of furniture used in the use, the more is to play the decorative function to meet the aesthetic needs of people in the indoor environment. The practicality of such furniture weakened, while the aesthetic is correspondingly strengthened. Sometimes, one or a group of furniture on the hotel space, to form a rich landscape effect. Such as the center of the elevator hall placed in the shape of the beautiful high back sofa, it is the role of landscaping, people tend to look at it, appreciate it and not have the heart to sit it, but it is realized that it created the rhythm and modern art beauty The

2. National cultural traditions become a fertile ground for nurturing furniture design.

Professional hotel designers should have a deep understanding of life, the national culture of all countries have in-depth understanding, learn good nutrition, create new works. Such as China's Ming-style furniture, to concise, tall and straight, full of strength of the beautiful shape, a large family of furniture in the world a dazzling treasures. Similar to a lot of such a national furniture, they are rich in nurturing furniture fertile soil design.

3. The progress and development of science and technology provide a solid foundation for furniture design.

With the progress of science and technology, furniture designers on the new science and technology, new structure, the new process of further discovery and use of furniture design new ways are also increasing, for example, people generally concerned about the ecological issues of the design, The use of new science and technology in the furniture fabric by adding negative oxygen ions of ecological furniture.