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Furniture Shipping To Australia Raiders
Nov 14, 2017

Furniture shipping to Australia Raiders!

20 (GP) feet inside the container volume, the internal volume of 5.925 meters X2.340 meters X2.379 meters, the distribution gross weight is generally 22 tons, the volume is 33 cubic meters

40 (GP) inside the cabinet volume, the internal volume of 12.043 meters X2.336 meters X2.379 meters, delivery gross weight is generally 27 tons, a volume of 67 cubic meters

40 (HQ) height and height cabinets, the internal volume of 12.055 meters X2.345 meters X2.685 meters, the gross weight of delivery is generally 29.6 tons, the volume is 76 cubic meters

Know how to choose the size of the goods, then we will talk about furniture Raiders to Australia Raiders. Mainly from the difference between old and new furniture, shipping costs, the general sailing time and furniture shipping to Australia a few suggestions, etc., to explain in detail for everyone.

What is the difference between new and old furniture shipping to Australia:

Furniture shipping to Australia Raiders!

New furniture, need to provide the invoice of the goods, the Australian passport, driver's license, customs clearance, etc.

Old furniture, need to provide a passport, immigrant visa or green card and cargo packing list, use the AQIS file signature to prove that these goods are shipped from China over Australia, customs and other customs inspection of the packaging has been used for more than one year, through duty free

The cost of shipping furniture to Australia:

Shipping fee from China to Australia, shipping fee from China, towing fee, export customs clearance fee, terminal fee of destination port, customs clearance fee, documentation fee, transportation fee to door of house, fumigation fee;

Shipping to Australia General Schedule how:

Furniture shipping to Australia Raiders!

Guangzhou, for example, we can see Guangzhou to Sydney, Melbourne, Australia about 20-25 days; Guangzhou to Brisbane, Australia about 25 days; Guangzhou to Adelaide, Australia about 30 days ; Of course, these sailing time is in the absence of unexpected circumstances, if there is the impact of objective factors, then the sailing may be delayed.

Three suggestions for shipping furniture to Australia:

Furniture shipping to Australia Raiders!

1, generally more than 20 cubes package a cabinet cost-effective, a cabinet on the 26-28 cubic meters, including a cabinet in the transport process to reduce the number of handling, to reduce the possibility of collision

2. As the Australian economy is very dependent on the export of forestry products, the Australian government attaches great importance to the prevention of plant diseases and insect pests. Strictly stipulates that all wood products must be fumigated to enter the country

3, furniture can be delivered directly to the door, waiting for receipt directly at home, it is possible