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Full Amazon Listing Exactly What It Looks Like?(3)
Nov 20, 2017

3, the main product features, characteristics

You can add to this section if you have not been able to add a title, it is advisable to add 5 or more product features and features (limited to 1000 characters).

Fill in the guide:

(1) put yourself in the customer's perspective, think what customers want to know, why they want to buy your product, and what are the advantages of your product? Note that the value of the product.

(2) put the most important function at the top of the list, so that consumers can see at a glance.

(3) Add Customer FAQs to this section to make changes as customer issues change.

(4) Demonstrate all the guarantees you provide to your customers (such as Amazon A-Z coverage).

(5) Let your customers know what products are made of materials, the benefits of using such materials, problems can be solved.

4, product description

In this section, you have 2,000 characters to describe the product, making sure to use all the character spaces. You can elaborate on all of the product features mentioned above, the differences between the products and more.

Any web content should make sure the text is easy to read and the product description is no exception. Here are some suggestions:

(1) The sentence should not be too long, keep between 15-25 words.

(2) Mainly discuss the function of the product and the benefits that the customer will get. Discuss the product itself, so that the guests believe your product is what they need.

(3) Oral language makes customers feel more reliable than rigid written language.

(4) can use the target keyword, but do not blindly fill, make the content becomes difficult to understand.

Try to tell your customers about the product in storytelling.

5, product reviews

Product reviews are important not only because they account for a significant portion of Amazon's algorithms, but also because product reviews are the most powerful proof of your product to potential customers and give your prospects the confidence to buy products.

While Amazon prohibits sellers from getting motivational comments, you can still get "organic" comments by offering customers a good customer experience.

Use automated email sending software to send messages to customers, encourage them to give feedback on your product, and post product reviews.

In addition, the most important thing is to ensure product quality, more product sample review, investment product quality management, helping to impress customers, get more praise.

6, product rating

Obtaining product reviews is important and can greatly improve product ratings.

If your rating is 4 or 5 stars, you are doing well. But if your product rating is relatively low, you need to take action:

(1) Analysis of the poor assessment, to understand the lack of products, repair deficiencies.

(2) By sending e-mail, collect customer comments, understand customer ideas, for customers to leave bad comments on the product page, to solve the problem.

(3) accumulate comments, strive to get enough praise to balance, improve your overall rating.

You need to have a strong enough heart to run an ecommerce business because negative comments can and can not be avoided at any time. As a seller, try your best to provide high-quality, reasonably-priced, premium products.

Key words

Optimization of the listing process, to understand the ranking of the target keyword is very important. As shown below, you can find out if Amazon is in the right rank by simply entering the product number ASIN and the keyword in the search box:

If not, go back to the product listing to see if you use the keyword, check the keyword spelling, and the punctuation marks for errors.

Some sellers found that their rankings changed immediately (some changed in an hour) after changing the keywords in the listing. You can even manually test your keywords through experiments. For example, add a keyword to the title or product function, search for the keyword, and see if your keyword rankings have improved over the previous comparison.

Contrast test

The comparison test verifies every element of the listing to help you keep optimizing the listing. However, the comparison test takes long enough to run and collect

Reliable data.

Amazon products listing the most influential comparison test is: the price (price increase or 10% price reduction) and the main map (replacement picture) test.

For example, the above seller will only cut the price of goods by 3 U.S. dollars. The daily sales and conversion rates have risen sharply, adding an additional profit of 88 U.S. dollars per day!

to sum up

Whether you are new to Amazon, or an experienced professional, these tips can help you improve your listing and increase your competitiveness. After all, the competition on the Amazon is very intense, to ensure that your product can stand out in many products is very important.