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Full Amazon Listing Exactly What It Looks Like?(2)
Nov 20, 2017

1, the product title

Most titles in most categories can be added up to 250 characters in length, while titles in some categories may vary in length, but in any case, make good use of the number of characters they have.

Tips to write a killer title:

(1) Although Amazon has its own algorithm, remember that the title you wrote is for consumers, and Amazon's algorithm is based on people's needs. Make sure that when people see your product title, they want to click to learn more.

(2) add some additional value to the title, such as showing the product's strengths or some of the key differentiators.

(3) in the title to add the relevant target keywords. Keywords on the search rankings have a great impact, we must carefully consider.

2, product pictures

Each listing can upload up to 9 pictures (including the main map), make sure you upload more than 9 pictures.

People are more and more inclined to visual experience, product images directly affect the consumer's first impression of the product, so a good product image effect is crucial.

If you do not know how to create so many "perfect" images for your product, here are some things to keep in mind:

(1) The width of the picture is 1000 pixels or more in width and 500 pixels or less in height, so that even if the picture is zoomed in, the visual effect will not be affected.

(2) Ask professional photographers or purchase professional photographic equipment to ensure the high resolution of images.

(3) Use a pure white background to keep the customer's attention on the product.

(4) show your products from different angles, you can focus on display product details.

(5) display product packaging, size, size of the picture is a must.

(6) shooting some products using the photo, help customers visual simulation experience.

(7) use the infographic to showcase the main features of the product, money back guarantee, 100% satisfaction and more. As the following infographic, it clearly shows the size of the product:

Full Amazon listing exactly what it looks like?

In accordance with the above points, get enough product 9 photos is not a problem. In addition, the seller should pay attention to make your pictures creative.