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Full Amazon Listing Exactly What It Looks Like?(1)
Nov 20, 2017

Why optimize product listings?

Do not conduct product listing optimization, your product rankings low, consumers can not see your listing, will make you lose some orders. In order to get the attention of more customers, to ensure that the product to get the maximum benefit, take the time to optimize the product listing is worth it.

Optimized product listing has the following benefits:

(1) increase listing visits

(2) increase the conversion rate

(3) increase revenue

Amazon has its own specific algorithm to crawl the most perfect listing. The integration of the listing page is entirely up to you. Product Listing Profile

As an Amazon seller, you must understand the next six elements of the Amazon product listing:

(1) product title

(2) product images

(3) The main function of products, features

(4) Product Description

(5) product reviews

(6) product rating

Follow the best practices for each element of the product listing for continuous optimization. This not only helps product rankings but also increases product value and appeals to consumers.

Rate your product listing

Before optimizing these six elements, the existing product listing is rated. Jungle Scout Product Listing Grader (Free) is a great rating tool that helps you evaluate the listing so you know instantly where you need to improve.

Jungle Scout Product Listing Grader First for each element attached to a certain score (the figure is the highest score for each element), according to the specific circumstances score.