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Europe And The United States On The Continuing Downturn In The Furniture Market, Brazil Or Into The New Hope Of Chinese Furniture Industry?
Nov 14, 2017

ts gross domestic product ranks first in South America with a total of 1.775 trillion U.S. dollars (2015 data) and a per capita GDP of 8,839 U.S. dollars. At the same time, Brazil is also one of the alliances of South American nations, one of the G20 nations, one of the BRIC countries and one of the important developing countries. Brazil is an export-oriented free-market economy. Its overall national strength ranks first in Latin America and its economic structure is close to that of developed countries. Since the establishment of diplomatic relations between China and Pakistan, bilateral economic and trade relations have made great strides. Brazil is China's tenth largest trading partner and the largest trading partner in Latin America. Our country is Brazil's largest trading partner and export target country.

In recent years, the Brazilian furniture market generally maintained a steady growth trend, from 782 million US dollars in 2006 to 1.256 billion US dollars in 2011, an average annual increase of about 10%. On the import side, the comparison over the same period increased by 430%, an average annual increase of 40%. China has now become the largest source of Brazilian furniture imports. In 2011, Pakistan imported 64.39 million U.S. dollars of furniture products from China, accounting for 36% of the total. Compared with about 20% in 2006, Pakistan increased by 16%. China occupies an important share of the furniture market in Brazil, Brazil has a high degree of dependence on Chinese furniture.

At present, there is still much room for development in the Brazilian furniture market. At present, Brazil is only ranked 40th in the furniture export market in China. Therefore, it has not reached the saturation state at all. So here Xiaobian introduces you to Brazil High-quality platform for the market - Brazil Furniture Fair: The exhibition held in Sao Paulo in Brazil every year in October, is Brazil's largest furniture exhibition, annual trade visitors to visit the show more than 20,000 traffic, exhibitors also have about 1,000. Moreover, the exhibition also received the strong support of the Chinese Ministry of Commerce.In the past, Chinese furniture makers had been over-reliant on the high-end markets such as Europe, the United States and Japan. However, with the fiscal austerity in many European countries, the consumption of the entire nation will also be drastically reduced. Although the United States introduced a new round of quantitative easing policies, it did not increase the U.S. Consumer confidence; In addition to the political factors in the Japanese market, sustained economic contraction can not meet the growth of China's furniture business space. In summary, the South American market has undoubtedly become the new market for Chinese furniture exports, new hope.