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Dining Table Dining Space
Aug 16, 2017

Dining Table Dining space

Whether it is a special restaurant or living room, study room as part of the function of the restaurant, first of all to determine the maximum area of food space can be occupied.

  If the area is large, there is a separate restaurant, you can choose the rich feeling of the table to match the space; if the restaurant area is limited, and the number of meals is not sure, may be on holiday staff will increase, you can choose the current market The most common style - telescopic table, that is, the middle of the activities of the board, usually when not in the middle of the table or won, not only for a year only three or four meetings and buy a large table.

  In a family without a separate restaurant, the first thing to consider is that the table can satisfy all the members of the family? It is not very convenient to pick up it.

  So the current market more common folding table is more suitable for selection. Second, according to the overall style of home to choose.

  If the room style is simple, you can consider the purchase of a glass table simple and generous style. The table should choose the appropriate style, such as the classical style of European style;

  In addition, the old dining table does not have to be lost, in today's trend of natural style, if you have a solid wood of the old table, you can move it into the new home, as long as the above covered with a color and decoration of the tablecloth, There is another elegant. The shape of the table has some effect on the home atmosphere.

  Every day we meet with our family at the table, every year we are at the table with the family reunion, we can see how important it is for us! The table is so important, how should we maintain it?

 Solid wood dining table maintenance

  1, with all the same wooden furniture, solid wood table afraid of high temperature, fear of sunshine, so to try to pay attention to these two points, so as not to solid wood table deformation, affecting the appearance.

  2, solid wood dining table is easy to dip dust, so regular cleaning for the table clean, wipe with a damp cloth with the texture of the table carefully rub, encountered some horns can be used to clean the small cotton swab (Note: wood The table taboo water immersion, so in a timely manner with a dry soft cloth dry)

  3, dirt more, you can first use warm water to wipe, and then clean with water.

  4, in the surface coated with high-quality light wax, maintenance can also increase the light.

  5, to gently take to avoid damage to structural modeling.