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Dining Chairs Steel And Wood Combination
Jul 21, 2017

Dining Chairs Steel and wood combination

With the development of the city, the fast pace of life, the growing population of the city, fast food store store demand increased, so the demand for fast food and beverage furniture more and more. China's fast-food furniture in the world's manufacturing division of labor system, that China's manufacturing industry in economic development, technological innovation has a comparative advantage, but in the use of resources and environmental protection still need to further improve: In the new international division of labor system, China fast food shop furniture manufacturing industry must strengthen the brand building and technological innovation capacity building, must make full use of resources and environmental protection work, in accordance with the scientific concept of development requirements of the development of new manufacturing. The development of new type of food and beverage industry must be economic, science and technology, resources and environment to promote the development of three-dimensional, proposed the development of new fast food and beverage table furniture is a necessary requirement to build a harmonious society, the new inventory urgent With furniture to reflect the resource conservation, future-oriented and sustainable development of social harmony.

In fast food and beverage furniture, the common fast food tables and chairs by the solid wood fast food tables and chairs and steel wood combined with fast food furniture. The fast food furniture table is divided into fire board, trimmer light board, glass steel, stainless steel, glass and other five. In many fast food restaurants we can see fast food tables and chairs of the desktop is the use of fire board desktop, because of its wear, anti-skid, hot, scratch, easy to scrub, not fade and environmental characteristics, is in line with fast food restaurant So the requirements of the popular favored by the public. So we can buy fast food tables and chairs when you can buy firewood furniture. In the custom dining furniture gradually into everyone's life, it is by virtue of their unique charm, to win the majority of consumers love. In the customization of catering furniture will encounter a lot of problems in addition to their own customization of furniture do not understand the whole space to grasp the lack of awareness so there will be many problems. The next small series for everyone under the furniture customization in the common problems for your reference. 1. Furniture custom process problems:

Many customers first reaction to the furniture custom process is to let the designer come to the door measurement. This approach is unreasonable, because the designer's own travel by the company part of the restrictions and then there is the price budget may be a great discrepancy. So the best way to customers or the Internet directly to the furniture is the United States to see our products in the end what kind of a level. And then for the decoration of their own house what kind of a budget began to communicate with the designer so the best.

2. Furniture customization expense budget

Not only catering furniture custom companies looking for their own user base and the head of the household also looking for their own design company. High-end furniture custom company's products will certainly be relatively expensive, but some customers can not accept, so the best way is to customize the customer when they want to have a custom first budget, so that the head of the owner with the designer before communicate with. Such as its brand "Zhongnan" is engaged in high-end dining furniture customization of a manufacturer, the price of catering furniture is based on the customer's current material, fabric decision, so some customers say expensive, we can according to the customer budget price to the customer Catering tables and chairs, custom certainly have our advantage.

3. Furniture customization program problem

Now a lot of customers are like the first time to get the designer's design drawings, which is not feasible. Because it involves a matter of intellectual property. Designers have the responsibility to protect their own design drawings, which is from the company's interests, but the designer can take the drawings to the customer demo again. In order to protect the knowledge design property, the designer can not just come up with the design drawings before signing the contract.