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Dining Chairs Material Classification
Oct 23, 2017

Dining Chairs Material classification

"Dining table chair" standard for wood, metal, glass and stone as the main material of the production of dining table chairs, other materials (such as plastic or plastic as the main material) constitute the product can refer to the implementation. Structures do not include folding tables or tables and chairs, as well as tables with electric carousels. There is no child dining table dining chair. The terminology and definition of turntable and turntable are modified on the basis of the definition of turntable and turntable of original QB / T 2383-1998, and the description is more appropriate and clear, and the English name is added. Material classification in addition to the usual all-wood, metal or steel-wood type, the addition of glass, stone or other materials made of mixed-type table.

To omit the illustration and symbols, the new standard will be the original QB / T 2383-1998 provides "round table table, turntable matching diameter difference (D-d) / 2" to "round table edge and turntable edge minimum distance." Standard does not specify the desktop glass, turntable glass and stone thickness, nor does it specify the turntable and turntable diameter ratio, the relevant requirements through the desktop and turntable mechanical performance test to be assessed.

Table class strength and durability, table stability, chair bench strength and durability, chair stool stability with reference to GB / T 3325 "metal furniture general technical conditions (submitted for approval)" to develop. Specifies the turntable startability, stability and impact strength requirements. The turntable test is used to test the minimum starting torque of the turntable (including the turntable) under the heavy load conditions that may be encountered. The turntable stability test is used to test the turntable (including the turntable) in the possible unilateral heavy load Conditions, the turntable impact strength test is used to test the strength of the turntable (including the turntable) under occasional impact load conditions.

The standard is the national standard, is a recommended standard to the original State Light Industry Bureau standard QB / T 2383-1998 "dining table chair" as the basis, with reference to GB / T 3324 "wood furniture general technical conditions (submitted for approval)" and GB / T 3325 "metal furniture general technical conditions (submitted for approval)", combined with China's dining table chair production and development of the actual situation, provides the wood, metal, steel and glass, stone and other different materials, including the opening and closing Functional structure of the product and the turntable, turntable requirements and the corresponding test methods, increased safety requirements, the test method is basically used in the product can be directly detected, to avoid another way to provide samples, the provisions of the logo and product description must Specify the product safety indicators and products of special information, so that this standard is more scientific, adaptable and operable, is conducive to further standardize the production and improve product quality, safeguard the legitimate rights and interests of users and good health.