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Conference Chair Use Occasions
Sep 08, 2017

Conference Chair Use occasions

Conference chair, also known as the chair, as the name suggests is that people during the meeting or meeting with a kind of furniture, can be divided into solid wood, wood, steel and wood, and plastic. Conference chair is often associated with major events of the company, such as business negotiations or internal decision-making, etc., is representative of the company's image, so the role of the chair is particularly important.

From the material composition, can be divided into: leather office chairs, PU leather office chairs, cloth office chairs, mesh office chairs, plastic office chairs and so on.

From the use of type, can be divided into: boss chairs, work chairs, staff chairs, chair chairs, conference chairs, conference chairs, ergonomic chairs and so on.

From the use of occasions, there are offices, open staff office, conference room, reading room, library, training classrooms, laboratories, staff quarters, staff canteen and so on.

   Natural wood office furniture products, its biggest advantage lies in the natural wood grain, with the changing natural colors. Since natural wood is an organism that keeps breathing, it must be placed in an environment suitable for hygienic humidity, and it is necessary to avoid placing the beverage, chemicals or overheated objects on the surface so as not to damage the natural color of the wood surface. If the United States resistance plate material, when the dirt is more, you can use the diluted neutral detergent with warm water first wipe once, then wipe with water, remember to wipe with a soft dry cloth to remove the water, to be completely wiped After the use of maintenance wax polished, even if you're done. Only pay attention to the daily cleaning and maintenance, in order to make wooden furniture timeless. Regardless of material, style and price are difficult to distinguish between the level of its cost. In the mixed market, consumers should be polished eyes, to pick a better product.

  Now most of the conventional cortex conference chair material for the leather, Xipi, leather.

  Leather is a kind of appearance, feel like leather (see leather) and can replace the use of plastic products. Usually fabric as the base, coated with synthetic resin added a variety of plastic additives made of compound made Plasticized paste processing.) In China, people used to use PVC resin as raw material to produce artificial leather called PVC artificial leather (referred to as artificial leather)

  Western leather: PU resin is used as raw material to produce artificial leather called PU leather (PU leather): PU resin and non-woven fabrics as raw materials, artificial leather called PU synthetic leather (referred to as synthetic leather). A leather-like A fabric, usually coated or coated with a layer of resin mixture, and then heated to plastic, and by rolling flattened or embossed, that is, the product. Similar to natural leather, with Soft, wear and other characteristics.