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Computer Chair Generally Can Be Divided Into
Aug 04, 2017

Computer Chair Generally can be divided into

The function of the computer chair

   According to the function can generally be divided into two kinds of computer chairs:

   1) ordinary computer chair computer chair usually can only meet the ordinary use of ordinary users, a short time the Internet;

   2) ergonomic computer chair The so-called ergonomic computer chair that is ergonomic design, the use of the way as far as possible for the natural form of the human body, so that people can use the tools at work, the body and the spirit does not require any active adaptation, so as to minimize Use tools to cause fatigue. This type of computer chair must meet the following conditions:

      ① headrest is adjustable;

      ② handrails can be lifted, and can be multi-level movements, making the hands and the body with the ground and computer tables to maintain the best position;

      ③ back to better fit the back, in the long hours of work, can effectively link the spine fatigue;

      ④ with lifting function;

      ⑤. The length and width of the cushion and the height of the chair must be specially tailored to the population. For example, the height and weight of Asians are usually less than the Europeans, so for Asian people, must be a certain standard, for Europeans, but also must be another set of standards. Such as black and white computer chair for domestic use and export of computer chairs with different specifications and standards;

      ⑥. Thickened explosion-proof steel plate. Any ergonomic computer chair must be people-oriented, starting from the people to personal safety as the first element, the main role of anti-riot steel plate to strengthen the protection of personal safety role;

      ⑦. Pneumatic bar must be certified by SGS International;

      ⑧. The load-bearing capacity of the tripod is greater than or equal to 500kg. Test methods can refer to black and white tone, the use of car one by one over the tripod, to confirm the load capacity. In the purchase of a variety of home and office office chairs with the existence of a certain difference between the two compared to the office chair sitting position than the home to the front of the home than the office will be more than a handrail, because the work When no time to chat, then not many people will hand on the arm resting on the office series of computer chair practical significance is not. And the seat of the household computer chair is generally better than the office to be used, can be configured handrails.

      What kind of brand, all the features, according to different styles, office chair function will be divided into several kinds, such as the back of the regulation, lift adjustment , Front and rear depth adjustment, headrest adjustment and so on. General computer chair features are many, when the need to buy a scene to test, experience it. Especially on the buttocks sitting feeling, must be carefully to experience, whether there is flexibility, soft comfort. There is also the length of service life of the office chair is closely related with the material of the sponge. Select the color to match with your desk style, coordination.

       According to the use of the choice of computer chairs will be different, such as the meeting of the office chair generally choose the bow did not wheel, the work area staff generally choose the kind of small wheeled office chair, the general office of the general choice of the kind of network The layout of the more generous modern style when the office chair, of course, then put here a generous sofa the best natural, and these office chairs height, tilt and back width are very particular about the other, and other Not used for the bar of the computer chair, the height should not be too outrageous, but also have a regulatory function to adapt to different height groups.