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Computer Chair Any Direction
Sep 28, 2017

Computer Chair Any direction

Office chair, computer chair is a work chair, usually equipped with wheels, you can move in any direction in the horizontal plane. The office chair can be heightened and rotated 360 degrees around the center axis. But comfort is the most important requirement, but also its main basic requirement, that is why people work long sitting on top. Since the 20th century, trying to meet the comfort of the design requirements, but not very clear results. Because any kind of office chair and other furniture to sit, because there is a common origin - the president must follow the same basic principles of ergonomic comfort. According to the strength / work and energy saving report, acting by the formula: WF = F × × P1P2 COSα

The direction of the relationship between force and displacement represented by COSα. We can see from the equation that the ideal posture to the human body with the level is 90 ° when the position can be consumed by at least the muscles, the muscles and the body remain in the state of the seat. However, in order to keep the straight posture well, it is necessary to live

The Ministry of Education implements the power of a small country that supports the muscles.

Even now, the design of the office chair is still not correct because the body can not let these designs to keep the ideal posture. In fact, in the back seat of the backrest, the person's back is bent backwards, or gets touch with the waist support, losing the ideal posture. This lack of seat design is called "structural defects" because it has

Used for thousands of years. The lumbar spine must actually be able to move forward and improve the waist support on the body in order to ensure a straight posture. Secondly, sit on a cushion

Cushion, can play the role of human muscle relaxation, but the use of cushions, there are a lot of stress. It is necessary to first place the waist pad, I return invalid. Because they protrude from the anterior side of the lumbar spine, do not grow the demand for physiological convex back chest, neck, linear, normal physiological bending of the spine of the body, and because it has a 3, the spine is similar to connecting the two s. Due to physiological characteristics For this reason, you can not hip, back on the same plane. So if you put a cushion to the waist, effective, reduce lumbar physiology, balance the lumbar spine, waist muscle pressure, computer chair repair buckling fatigue, improve lumbar spine, prevent comfort and good sitting uncomfortable it will be able to support the lower back To improve the stability of the spine. The thickness of the right side of the cushion is followed. Because it is too soft, too thin, not held, but will not reach the waist of the role, it will not only lead to excessive bending of the lumbar spine, it is difficult to be too uncomfortable by Ge, but too thick, too thick it is not too difficult.