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Chinese Furniture Exports Encounter Resistance, How To Continue Attack Overseas2
Nov 15, 2017

Under the weight of the Chinese furniture exports how to seek a breakthrough?

Although Trump came to China after the export of furniture industry has caused some impact, but due to the Chinese furniture product variety, quality, sales and export methods have made great changes in recent years, mainly from the OEM to the present foreign countries Self-employed and sales-oriented. One-third of the production capacity in the furniture industry is exported. China has become an important force in the world furniture industry and will not be immediately replaced immediately. We can also take this opportunity to reflect on ourselves and seek breakthroughs on the basis of the original to find a direction for further development.

Brand innovation, service upgrades are the key breakthrough

Brand is the main tool to avoid price competition, but also a guarantee of corporate profits, but also long-term business management is a powerful guarantee. At present there are more than 7,000 brands in the country and are now gradually forming a brand-centered industrial cluster.

Transformation and upgrading is an industry rising process from the low-end to the mid-to-high end of the value chain, which is the key to the industrial competitiveness and the economy to a new level. Under the current trend of globalization of e-commerce, furniture exporters should make full use of Internet resources to upgrade and innovate in original design, quality and environment protection, and open up and stabilize overseas markets in many aspects.