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Chinese Classical Furniture Temperament
Nov 03, 2017

 The appearance of the living room as the owner of different tastes, showing a unique personal style. The connotation and principle of the owner can often be found in the living space. Ming and Qing chairs classic design elements, the use of modern materials, but also increased the comfort of the sofa, then change can reflect the classical charm at home. Classicism is not a specific and specific name in a particular area. Classical expression in the modern is a trend, a fashion. Home, not just living and living quarters. Furniture should first represent a person, a family lifestyle, through furniture, to create a living attitude, which is closely related with the selection and arrangement of furniture. This home design creates what China's most traditional culture represents. Improve the comfort of furniture, it is furniture, but also works of art. Many people are aware of the importance of family atmosphere, using furniture to highlight personal taste and self-cultivation, rather than money out of. These classical Ming-style furniture can Pan Amoy market to "Amoy." Some trimming, but also the original meaning. Some simple combination, can create a top-level life to enjoy, whether it is to create a style, or space decoration, are carefully crafted. Ming style of traditional furniture, fresh, refined advantages. Used in the handling of the generalization, restructuring. Summarization is to go to the complex Jane, to capture the charm of Ming-style furniture, so that the shape clearly; reorganization is the decomposition of furniture combination, uniform change, style renovation, improve the function. Improve the comfort of Ming style furniture to make it ergonomic. Some lines are simple, monotonous furnishings cleverly fused together, but more prominent style furniture simple concise, so that the entire home space full of artistic tension and cultural atmosphere. The combination and interaction of people and space infiltrate the elegant atmosphere of the book, to interpret the essence of traditional culture.