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Banqueting Chair Customize The Difference
Sep 21, 2017

Banqueting Chair Customize the difference

Banquet chairs and other furniture custom differences

Attract attention

Every consumer needs and requirements are different, the conventional fast hotel, small hotel choice furniture can be drifting, and sometimes learn from the hotel chain decoration style and style, due to the positioning of the hotel, design style and location is not possible The same, so the hotel if you want to build their own characteristics or selling points, to create the most comfortable, the most optimized rooms, custom banquet chairs and other furniture is preferred.

Banquet chairs and other furniture custom

Depends on state of mind

Size is just a quantifier, in chasing the big time often overlooked small details, and now the development trend of the tourism industry for all to see, blue sky and white prairie This is where everyone is looking forward to an old customer to seize the concerns of people now decorate Designed a set of private custom, to our furniture factory custom banquet chairs and other furniture, from the beginning to the final cooperation between the two sides agreed, unified mind, return to nature, to create a blue sky and white clouds under the hotel.

Banquet chair cleaning and maintenance of three major errors

1. To disable the old clothes to wipe the old clothes: old clothes, the cloth will be above the head of the thread, these buttons will cause the furniture surface scratches, so use towels, cotton products, absorbent fabric to wipe. Wipes Wipe the banquet chair is required to wipe with a wet cloth, dry wipes to clean the surface of the furniture will be detrimental to the furniture, it will damage the surface of the hotel furniture.

2. Disable soap and other cleaning agents, such products are not only able to clean the banquet chair surface dust. It is a certain degree of corrosion, but will damage the furniture surface. This is the hotel furniture will be the surface of the dull. Of course, the water into the wood, then the words will make the wood products have a certain mold, thereby reducing the rate of life.

3. Banquet chair care wax is not able to use for cleaning and maintenance of cortical products: hotel furniture in the cortex product is a lot, some furniture care above that is said to maintain leather products, but the furniture care wax can only spray wood hotel Furniture. Leather products are made of small animal skin, if sprayed with care wax will cause pore clogging.