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Banqueting Chair Beautifully Lubricated
Nov 01, 2017

Banqueting Chair Beautifully lubricated

Hotel furniture dining chair related knowledge

1. Hand pressing the seat and the back should be no abnormal metal conflict and hit the sound.

2. sofa fabric splicing picture should be intact, suede villi direction should be common, the fabric should be no significant color, no hair, no scratches, colorless, oil and residual.

3. Genuine leather and artificial leather should be no significant color, the appearance of no crack damage, no greasy feeling.

4. Sewing five jump needle, the sofa no significant floating line, the line should be slippery straight, no outside the outcrop, the corners should be symmetrical, covered with nails placed should be structured, the distance is flat, no loose drop, The material covered fabric should be flat and plump, elastic uniform, no folds of the shortcomings of the process of folding fold line of the British symmetrical uniform, structured.

5. exposed metal parts should be no edge burrs, seat and handrails or backrest within the gap to deepen no edge and burrs, the sofa in the normal use of non-sharp metal objects should wear through the seat and the opposite.

6. External wood parts should be exquisite lubrication, no head, scars, stubble, reverse lines, groove and mechanical damage, hand touch should be no glitches, the outside should be chamfering. Fillet and curvature and lines should be symmetrical. Smooth lubrication, not a knife marks marks.

7. External paint parts should be no sticky paint and off, the appearance of light, certainly no dust like a small mottled. Electroplating plating should be free of cracks and rust.

Buy hotel furniture to pay attention to the details of the problem

Hotel furniture people's living standards improved, the family with things getting better and better, the quality is more and more value. Now we sell more and more furniture, and we do, the customer's understanding of the hotel banquet furniture how much, if we know more about the hotel banquet furniture, when we buy the hotel hotel furniture will not because of their own To understand and buy home bad hotel furniture it! Buy hotel furniture to see what aspects

1, look at the shape: the requirements of each hotel hotel furniture, the main features and process consistent. At the same time, the hotel hotel furniture details of the treatment also requires the same, such as drawers and cabinet door handle, the edge of the table and so on.

2, view paint color: a hotel hotel furniture, paint color must be consistent, the paint surface requirements rich and fresh, fresh and pleasing to the eye, no foam, wrinkles, defects and so on.

3, study materials used to work: to emphasize consistency, carefully check the framework, panel, side panels and other parts, similar parts, can not have some plywood, and some use fibreboard; oncoming agent is the best, plywood does not fail, Constantly glue, patchwork to be tight, there is no uneven phenomenon.

4, look at the proportion of size: to have a sense of the whole, each unit hotel furniture in accordance with the habit of a certain proportion of the relationship, looks comfortable pleasing to the eye.

5, consider the function: the number of pieces of each hotel hotel furniture, its function will have the number of points, but each hotel hotel furniture are required to have sleep, sitting, pendulum, writing, storage and other basic functions. If the function is incomplete, it will reduce the hotel hotel banquet furniture practicality.