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What do you really know about FaceBook marketing? No, you do not understand2

  Responsible to say that although the promotion of these businesses in the same way, but the results they get a world of difference, the fundamental reason is that their ideas behind the different, and today we from this perspective to share with you how to do facebook marketing.

Because once you figure it out, your Facebook marketing job will be very clear, you will know what to do and how to do it at each step, and you can even predict the rate of return.

 You may think this is a very idiot question, but in fact many people still do not know, for the big brands, they are to branding, but for the vast majority of small businesses is to get more sustained Stable and accurate traffic to your website.

 If you're a professional online marketer, you know for sure that the true success or failure of a marketing campaign is whether or not you can create a channel that delivers consistent and consistent access to accurate traffic, not just traffic.

  Because access to traffic alone, this is not difficult at all, the key to solving this problem is to choose the right channel to promote this channel must have the following four points:

1. User base large enough: facebook February 1, 2017 user statistics for 1.86 billion people.

2. Can save users: facebook has fans, just follow your account, you can see the contents of the updated later, the purpose of the retention function is to protect the stability of traffic, think about you do google adwords promotion, visitors to To your website, after the closure of how you push information to him? It's hard, but facebook makes it all easy.