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The product of frosted plastic

Mainly matte matte matte material or masked effects, achieve the matte light opaque. In normal PC (polycarbonate) material matte powder, after extrusion or injection molding matte effect is very outstanding, good diffuse reflection, light transmission opacity, light transmission up to 88-90%.
Scrub the surface refers to a common plastic material in a small amount of matte powder on the surface becomes. After special surface treatment, through the extrusion pressure evenly to the surface, add into PC, PS, PVC, TPE, TPU, EVA, such as ABS, PET, and TPR material can form a very homogeneous smooth highlighted scrubs the surface texture.
Leather nubuck material: leather surface matte powder used in wet foam leather, can achieve very soft and silky matte feel like alternative BA powder foam stability sheep, stored in the polyurethane is extremely stable, when subjected to embossed 300 ℃ high temperature change.