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The manufacturing process of plastic chairs

1.Barrel temperature: injection molding processes need to control the temperature of cylinder temperature and nozzle temperature and mold temperature. Two temperature affecting the flow of plastic and plastic, the latter mainly affecting plastic flow and cooling temperatures. Each of these plastics have different flow temperature, with a plastic, due to the different sources or brand, the flow temperature, decomposition temperature is different, this is caused by a different molecular weight averages and molecular weight distribution, in different types of plastic injection machines plasticizing process is also different, so select the cylinder temperature is not the same.

2.Temperature of the nozzle nozzle temperature is usually just below the highest temperature in the cylinder, this is to prevent melt in straight-through nozzles that may occur, "the casting phenomenon." Nozzle temperature is too low, otherwise it will cause premature hardening of the melt and nozzle clogging, or due to earlier material into the cavity and affect performance.

3.Temperature: mold temperature on the product's intrinsic properties and surface quality are great. Mold temperature depends on the plastic Crystal there, the size and structure of the products, performance requirements, as well as other conditions (temperature, injection speed, injection pressure and melt molding cycle).