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Knowledge of procurement work

The material to understand, the market should understand, the business means to understand, the industry information to understand, the means of communication should also understand! Furniture production of the general process, the production of materials used, furniture, style, display, market Market, price positioning, etc., there is the use of general furniture, industry called the name, where the name and so on. To understand the industry market and raw material price cost calculation, sales channels, sales strategy, product trends, style trends, etc.

China's vast area of folk furniture collectively referred to as firewood furniture is not correct.We should be in accordance with the region, customs and origin of the source, etc. According to the regional geographical division, Chai wood classical furniture range is very wide.Specifically speaking, the north has Shanxi folk furniture, Shaanxi folk furniture, Hebei folk furniture and Shandong folk furniture; and the South are Zhejiang folk furniture, Anhui folk furniture, Fujian folk furniture, Guangdong folk furniture and so on.

Chai wood can also be called cork or white wood, the production of wood furniture, wood is usually used to produce raw materials, according to local conditions.Therefore, according to the source of wood classification, usually divided into elm, walnut, cedar, drains, beech, Phoebe, camphor, etc. made of different wood furniture.

Chai wood or folk classical furniture is the most distinctive feature is simple and practical, its design is not bound, in full accordance with the artisans or furniture master's ideas, do whatever they want in the design and production process, pay more attention to the lasting solid and practical use of furniture. Is the public goods, from bed, bedding, seat to the tableware, storage equipment all-inclusive, everything .. Chai wood furniture is also a member of our classical furniture, also belong to an important component, with high artistic value. From Fu Xin classical furniture factory