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Fight Intellectual Property Rights and Expand Foreign Trade Development Space.1

At the training session, Wu Minping, lawyer of Shanghai Haihua Yongtai Law Firm, made a share of experience of "Intellectual Property Rights in Exhibitions" and "Intellectual Property Rights in Import and Export Trade"; the Vice Director of the Institute of American and Oceanian Studies, Research Institute of the Ministry of Commerce, Market Analysis "keynote speech. It is understood that the training will form a consensus on three aspects.

First, different stages need to take a different business strategy. "At present, foreign trade enterprises are facing the pressure of sluggish external demand and increasing trade protectionism." Wu Minping believes that if foreign trade enterprises are to be transformed and upgraded, the original export-oriented products that are labor-intensive, high-energy-consuming and resource- Gradually adjusted to the technology-intensive, high value-added products, low energy consumption-based products exports.

Wu Minping took the transformation of Qingdao Triple-Chain Lock Co. as an example to brief the participating enterprises on the importance of export enterprises adopting different business strategies in different stages of transformation and upgrading. According to reports, the triple chain lock in the start-up period, mainly through brand design, brand ownership and other ways to cultivate their own brands. In the expansion period through the brand acquisition, strategic way to create an international brand portfolio. Three chain lock for each target market in different situations, take the same way with the manufacturer or dealer brands, enabling companies to participate directly to the foundry procurement, production, quality management and dealer sales management and other aspects of the terminal, We have created a one-stop supply chain that integrates production, operation and management so as to create a common interest community with shared risks and benefits and create a new mode of supply chain management for foreign trade SMEs.