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Don't let Office Chair slip ruin your health

(1) the seat surface from top to bottom, and from the front to the rear there is a slope (1°is sufficient), you can speed up the blood flow in your legs, sit, stand. When the body is kept straight when sitting, the force of gravity will move the hips and thighs, but padded the dragging effect, such a displacement could easily be offset;
(2) the armrest can be adjusted, the most suitable height to effectively reduce arm fatigue:
(3) the seat height can be adjusted to guarantee leg space to relieve fatigue;
(4) the seat should not exceed 40 cm in length. In practice, most of the upper half of his body weight on the bones of the pelvis, the length of the seat as long as 20 cm is enough for people to sit.
When at 40 cm above the seat surface when there is a protruding lumbar support, sitting there, sitting surface of the leading edge, they must be leaned back to get to the lumbar support.
(5) the backrest with padded waist flange, RIM the vertices in one of the third lumbar vertebra bone parts with the fourth lumbar vertebra bone, that is, points higher than the trailing edge 18 cm; lumbar support must be able to move forward, to contact with people back, this feature saves muscle energy, prevent the body leans back and lose the ideal sitting posture.