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Amazon new ideas1

One: supply

To do cross-border e-commerce as much as possible from the industry they are familiar with, taking into account the surrounding environment, to do familiar business in order to do more with less. Selected goods to choose their own more understanding of things, and is in terms of quality and price, have their own inherent advantages of the product, combined with their own choice of products sold is particularly important. Remember not to go blindly to the B2B site for stocking and inquiries, this is your choice after you determine the contrast need to do things, because there are numerous products in the B2B platform there are not only manufacturers will have all levels Agents, if you can not identify the manufacturer's purchase, then the sales process, your price is difficult to have sufficient advantages. Therefore, the principle of selection of goods is only one, as far as possible to get the primary sources, so the sale of the product price will have an advantage.

Second: product mix, product processing

This level of selection is mainly based on product profit and sell these two factors to consider. Traders and sellers are one of the most hated people sellers, the choice of portfolio sales, processing and sales, will to some extent reduce the frequency with the seller, especially in the procurement of accessories from multiple suppliers to be combined And the processing of such cases, the vast majority of these have to sell with the seller is a malicious sell, the product does not match with this. Second, in terms of profit margins, the product mix and product processing form will make it easier for the profit margin to be thrown upwards. After the order can be placed, the price of the sale can be adjusted considerably. Fusion zoom is a great match for both product modes. Of course, no one can ignore the input of other costs brought about by the product mix and the processing of the goods. This type of selection requires more measurement by the sellers.